<P>A bunch of Democrats are all excited about the Howard Dean endorsement by AL Gore, while the 90% of mainstream democrats are shaking in there boots realizing that he has about 1 chance in a million of winning and yet he will take over the DNC. The Democrats have blew it before they ever stepped out of the starting gate..</P>
<P>#1 Reason why Howard Dean will not win he opposes the war on terror and seems to forget that thousands of Americans died on 9-11</P>
<P>#2 He is ahead because the Democratic Old guard is simply that OLD and BORING</P>
<P>#3 The Clinton’s will loose control of the DNC and loose the election but Hillary will run in 2008 I am sure the rainbow coalition will be happy when she runs</P>
<P>Howard Dean will not win he will become another obscure politician that talked a lot of smack and got beat by George Bush I have no doubt that George will win again God Help us if he looses as this country will be totally screwed. Howard Dean does not have the fortitude to do what is needed because he can not handle the truth meanwhile he continues to manipulate a portion of the country that do not really do any research and are blindingly willing to jump on a locomotive that they know is going to jump off the track. He;’s done put a fork in him…</P>
<P>God Bless America and God Bless President Bush </P>