<P>The Sony Vaio that I am using now the PCG-GRV670P has been terrific. Even though it is a desktop replacement it has been easier on my eyes with the 16′ screen and I am sure will be my companion for the next several years. WIth a 2.4ghz and 512 megs of ram and a awesome video card and software package It should do everything I need it to. Working with Autocad drawings has been remarkable as I can actually get work done without moving the damn sceeen all the time. </P>
<P>Several people that have seen it have commented on it as it is so big that it draws attention from the most unlikely people. Even a friend of mine who is a MAC lover had to comment that it was a nice machine. Pretty big admission from a mac loyalist. If some gace me a Mac I would probably play with it and see what it could do but I am not going to go out and buy one.</P>
<P>One thing I did have to dump was Microsoft Works I can’t beleive they still that piece of Garbage. My office has been pretty supportive and we got Office for it and loaded it up. Not Office XP but Office 2000 which is still a sight better than Works.</P>